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(It was attempting to buffer the entire 600 Megs or whatever size *before* sending data to the client) if you have this problem you may want to check that first and either not start buffering or close that in the usual way :)Hope that prevents somebody spending hours trying to fix an obscure issue.

Regards :) To make the effects of the latest PHP version changes of the fread function even more explicit: the new size limitation of fread -regardless of the filesize one specifies, in the example below 1024 * 1024- means that if one was simply reading the contents of a text file from a dynamic URL like so: I thought it couldn't hurt to clarify this detail in order to save time for anyone else who is in the same situation as I was tonight when my ISP abruptly upgraded to the latest version of PHP...

Try to turn them off by placing this code before using fread: When you read a file whose size is a multiple of the readsize (8192 here), then the loop is executed when there are no more data to read.

Here, the result of fread() is not checked, and so the instruction Changing the value of $length may yield to different download speeds when serving a file from a script.

If you serve a file download over PHP with fread and print/echo and experience corrupted binary files, chances are the server still uses magic quotes and escapes the null bytes in your file.


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