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Kjøge Miniby (Kjøge Mini-Town) is a historically correct model of the town from the year 1865 – built to a scale of . It is used and serves as the primary training fields and facilities of the professional club, besides the now amateur mother club of Herfølge BK.The football club HB Køge was created through a merger of professional football between Herfølge Boldklub and Køge Boldklub in 2009. The Facilities is situated in the suburb of Herfølge, about 5 kilometres south of central Køge.

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Køge is also on a new rail line under construction between Copenhagen and Ringsted, and due for completion in 2018.

The new line will make Køge a central hub in Denmark's transport system.

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In 1807, the town and surrounding area was the scene of the Battle of Køge between British and Danish troops.