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This page features a collection of player made builds. A build is simply a character “set up” for a particular situation like a Group Dungeon, Trials or PVP.A build generally includes information about skills, gear, item sets, potions, food and strategy and this information is based around a particular role or type of activity.

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Facility with free internet and conference service; indoor and outdoor gym.

juli og på andre amerikanske mindedage, og sidst men ikke mindst, at parken skulle henligge i naturtilstand - underforstået som et hedelandskab.

Sink into the warm seawater pool and alternate with dips in the coldwater pool; close your eyes in the hot tub or sauna; be reinvigorated in the cold bath house and relax in a hammock in our exquisite spa garden.

Spa overnight conference​ Entrance to the Thalasso spa, workout menu, morning and afternoon coffee, lunch buffet, two-course dinner, accommodation and a wonderful breakfast buffet.

Desuden er der enten egen terrasse eller altan på alle værelser.