Forster co ax single stage press

Here are reviews from Midway USA customers that own the Co-Ax: "I have used them all, and the Co-Ax is the best there is. Little, UT " / The Forster Co-Ax® Press is the "Cadillac" of reloading presses.

No other press can deliver the 'flat liners' like the Co-Ax. If you have any doubts as to how well the Co-Ax works, just "ask the man who owns one." Ace shooter Jerry Tierney has a Forster Co-Ax and he's found that it produces ammo with less run-out than many other conventional "O"-style presses for threaded dies.

Forster item SH1000, the short handle has a comfortable ball top and retails for about $18.00 street price. O'Neal, AR "The Forster Co-Ax press is the best single-stage press made, bar none. As others have said, you must use the cross-bolt style of lock ring with this press.

It is simple to install on the existing Co-Ax yoke. I have had the problem with Hornady seating die stems not clearing the yoke. The Forster cross bolt lock ring costs too much, is made of aluminum and uses an archaic slotted screw. It costs less, is made of steel and uses a socket head screw." T.

With a center-mounted handle, the Co-Ax works equally well for both right- and left-handed reloaders. The standard "S" jaw set supplied with the press fits nearly all common calibers except except: 22 Hornet, 378 Wby., 45-70, 256 Win.