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Store Magleby, which was larger in area than Dragør, had a large number of subdivisions (Danish (singular): parcel;udstykning) with owner-occupied homes built on the boundary with Dragør (as far away from the noise as possible from planes landing at Copenhagen Airport, and taking restrictions in building regulations (inside city (built-up area) limits versus outside city limits) into consideration) before the merger.

Because the voters of Store Magleby and Sengeløse were almost exclusively owner-occupiers, who voted center-rightwing, whereas Høje-Taastrup Municipality and Dragør Municipality to a large extent consisted of tenants who rented their apartments and who voted center-leftwing, there were heated debates and reluctance among the voters of Store Magleby and Sengeløse about joining the new municipalities.

The clock on the east side of the tower is from 1764 and was installed by clockmaker Bernhard Larsen in 1882.

Notable people who are buried at the graveyard include the actor and comedian Dirch Passer, television presenter Otto Leisner and the marine painter Christian Mølsted whose home and studio in Dragør in now a museum dedicated to his art.

After Christian II gave the church to the Dutch farmers who settled in the area in 1621, the church was adapted according to Dutch tradition.

Service was also conducted in Dutch and the best seats were reserved for the Dutch families.

Og vi ved, at det er ikke er en lorteø, men en lækker ø.