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A modern fullscale dollhouse, opposite Bjerget that is mirroring in the glass facade. The Swedish bank SEB:s new headquarters in Orestad.

The new urbanism of Orestad: Crowne Plaza and Fields. Ishøj is very segregated with commie blocks at the center were mostly immigrants live, near a large shopping mall in the center of the suburb.

Some weeks ago in June I visited Copenhage with my girlfiend.

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It the same day that Denmark was playing a soccer game in South Africa, so a lot of activity was going on. I haven’t been there for more then a year ago and it has changed a lot with huge development, new highrises under construction and canals. It has now company with the Crowne Plaza Hotel, the chain’s first hotel in Scandinavia. Together with the new World Trade Center that is u/c, it will be called Copenhagen Towers.

Hotel Cabinn Metro, another brand new highrise hotel.

Bjerget inside, looks like a residential building for cars. Belle Hotel, the new leaning towers under construction.

This highrise hotel will be 77m tall and have 814 rooms when completed in 2011.

Though the design is interesting, it looked stiff and deserted and many of the apartments were vacant.